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NBA 2K21 Current-Gen Trailer

Same versions, no hint how MyLeague or MyGM will operate contemplating #1 by time NBA 2K MT releases there still won't have been a 2020 off-season. Probably won't have the 2021 draft course since there will not be a draft by time NBA 2K21 comes out (I understand the lottery is the 20th, not sure precisely when the draft is) But hey, people will get it anyway because of MyTeam, so none of this stuff really matters I suppose. Promoting me last year's game with a few adjustments with last season's roster while the actual 2K21 comes out in a month or two and likely won't have these difficulties from the box, but just around PS5 and Xbox and not PC, just doesn't make any sense to me.

This staggered release thing that is whole makes no sense. Saying NBA 2K21 has no changes without actually seeing the modifications yet shows you gonned na say that anyways. Should you purchase NBA 2K21 you get it on next gen IIRC makes sense. I stated a few changes. Emphasis on couple of because two studios are still working on every game and I believe I know which you will possess the most changes, and it isn't the one which is going to be published on the 4th.

Finding the next Gen version for"free" just after purchasing a $600 console. There is not any next Gen PC version, the version releasing on September 4th is. That is just semantics you tried to belittle the amount of changes that are gonna be made. No matter how many changes are made you'll probably have the same attitude. NBA 2K21 is absolutely free, purchasing the PS5 or Xbox is different from this. The players that are console are gonna buy it eventually.

This is legit Buy NBA 2K Coins with an upgrade, same scoreboard and everything. That is nothing more but a cash grab, should happen to be an update.Thanks however im gonna wait until next gen unless NBA 2K21s 5 bucks. How can they think this is well worth the exact same cost as witcher 3 and Red Dead 2? Its worth what people can pay, and they are still gonna kill it with sales + VC. I understand but they did not even try to enhance the images or lighting one bit theyre gonna charge microtransactions on top of everything. Lol its greedy. If you buy this version you should get the next gen one free, its dirty not to do this when the present gen option is literally a paste and copy.
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